Tuesday (May 30): Introduction to Mathematica

Wednesday (May 31): Introduction to LaTeX

Thursday (June 1): Examples of Mathematica and LaTeX

Monday (June 5): Introduction to Single Degree of Freedom (SDOF) non-linear System

Tuesday (June 6): Linear Phase Space

Wednesday (June 7): Non-Linear Phase Space

Thurdsay (June 8): Conservative systems and potential energy (mathematica) -- ExampleDuffing Equation


Monday (June 12): Modeling conservative systems-- Newton and Lagrange's Method

Tuesday (June 13): Pertubation Techniques-- Example Duffing Equation

Wednesday (June 14): Introduction to uncoupled MDOF system

Thursday (June 15): Introduction to phase space representations of coupled MDOF system.


Monday (June 19): Uncoupling a linear MDOF oscillator

Tuedsay (June 20): Examples of phase space representations of the Duffing Equation

Wednesday (June 21): Introduction to chaos --definitions and examples

Thursday (June 22): The double welled oscillator


Monday (June 26): Applications of the Duffing Oscillator in recent journal articles

Tuesday (June 27): Synchronization analysis of coupled oscillators

Wednesday (June 28)

Thursday (June 29)